My logo will be noticed at the multitude of logos at all.

Depends on the size. The small formats most likely not be noticed, however, serve the purpose of the appearance. The mass of logos form a work of artwhich finally attracts the attention of passersby. This therefore leads to more eye contact of your logo on our customer site.

When does the vehicle starting, the Europe tour.

The journey will begin as soon as either the full ad space is rented on the car or if the year of sale ends on 18.05.2014.

When will the presentation of my company appear on the customer side.

Your company will appear as soon as you have placed your order and send us your logo with the approval of use on our site.

How long is the contract period.

The contract period for the selected rental package is at least 1 year from the beginning of the trip to Europe and will automatically terminate 365 days after the start of Europe trip. A termination of the lease is not required.

How many vehicles are on the road in this campaign.

There is only one vehicle that is glued.