The Project

Mobile advertising

That has never happened before: An advertising car drives a year throughout Europe, toured countries and cities.

Advertising space covering the vehicle. It is fitted over with advertising messages and labels. An eye-catcher.

One speaks and writes about it. Photographing and filming it. It is shared on social networks. The world is watching the Europe trip. onemillioncar – a multinational event. Be part of something big!

by the way: onemillioncar therefor, because the value of all advertising space adds up to 1 million euros.

The route

The onemillioncar visits at least once these cities:

  • North

    Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm


    Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Valletta

  • South-East

    Athens, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Sofia


    Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, London, Paris

  • Central

    Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Luxembourg, Prague, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw, Vienna

The schedule

The year-long European tour will start as soon as all of the advertising space on onemillioncar are sold out.

Before the tour phase there is a sale phase (within 1 year) of the advertising space. During this time, the onemillioncar moves just in the Munich area.

Buying advertising space

The sale of advertising space will be held for a specified order.

First surface R1, then R2, etc. If an area is sold, it will be glued on the car. From then your advertising is already “on the road”.

sales start: 08.04.2013

After selling: A artwork was born